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Mounting and gluing a designer lamp

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12 months



With the help of the LOCTITE universal spray dispensing system and an igus room gantry, adhesive can be applied precisely. Due to the high path fidelity of the gantry and optimally adjusted pressure of the dispenser, a high repeat accuracy can be achieved.

In this case, plastic sheets and stainless steel sheets are bonded for a very special North German lamp. The adhesive must not only realize adhesion between the plastic and stainless steel, but also seal against water and moisture. A real powerhouse against the elements! On top of that, there are the requirements for the robot, the room gantry from igus. This not only controls the dosing equipment and moves the syringe, but also handles the components. For this purpose, an ejector is switched on by the igus Robot Control, which causes the suction gripper from the company Eberle to be sucked in.

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