The Middle Franconian company EduArt Robotik GmbH was founded in June 2021 by Prof. Dr. Stefan May and M. Sc. Markus Fenn. The founding idea was to develop a robot for educational purposes in order to be able to use mobile robotics in all areas of teaching and at all ages. The need for this is reflected in many areas of industry and gastronomy, where autonomous robots are being used for transport tasks with increasing numbers.

In the meantime, the company sells not only these robots and modifications of them, but also the specially designed circuit boards. Development orders in the areas of robotics, autonomous drones, circuit board design, mechanical design and software in general are now part of the daily business of the growing team of experts.

The company's philosophy is not to generate the highest possible profits, but to provide the most efficient learning experience for the users of your products. The company's employees are additionally involved in associations for children's and adult education.

  • Mobile Robotics
  • Education

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